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SPIRE Student Directory Part 3: Student Privacy, Holds, and Relations to UMass

SPIRE Student Directory Part 3: Student Privacy, Holds, and Relations to UMass

Section A: FERPA
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (more commonly known as FERPA) protects the confidentiality of student records in an academic environment.

UMass also releases student’s directory information to the public, for example through People Finder.

Students have the right to suppress the release of their individual directory information by completing a privacy request.

At the top of the  Student Bio/Demo information page, you may see a blue window shade for some students. The blue shade is commonly known as the FERPA icon, which means that the student has submitted a ‘Request for Privacy.’

Clicking on the FERPA shade brings you to ‘Releasable FERPA Directory Information.’ This page displays a summary of  information which the student  gave permission to release to the public.

There are up to six navigation links located at the bottom of the page.  Each link goest to a page that displays which information can be released. Students with a “Full FERPA” request will not have any releasable directory information.

Click “Return” to go back to the Student Bio/Demo Information page.

In addition to the blue FERPA shade icon, users can also view which student directory information is releasable by clicking Campus Profiles in the SPIRE menu bar, then Student Privacy (FERPA), and then    Releasable Info Summary.

Section B: Service Indicators

The icon with the red circle and diagonal line going through it is the negative Service Indicator symbol, commonly known as Holds.

There are various types of holds originating from different departments such as bursar, financial aid, and  academic advising.  They prevent the student from doing something (often adding classes) and appear on the student’s Student Center to let them know an action must be taken.

Clicking on the Service Indicator icon brings you to the ‘Manage Service Indicators’ page which lists the Service Indicators applied to this student.

Select the Code Name to go to the Edit Service Indicators page and view what the hold is about, the hold’s effective period, and who placed the hold.

If your role allows, you can also release or lift the hold by pressing the ‘Release’ button located at the right of the ‘Edit Service Indicator’ page.

Back at the Manage Service Indicators page, if your role allows, you can place a “hold” on a student’s account.   

After finding the student you need to place a hold on, you may add a service indicator by clicking the ‘plus sign’ or the ‘Add Service Indicator’ link  located above the Service Indicator Summary.

The ‘Add Service Indicator’ page will open. In this page, fill in the required fields  marked with an asterisk . In the ‘Service Indicator Code’ field, enter the specific code for the hold. If you are unsure, select the ‘magnifying glass’ icon to list  the ‘Service Indicator Codes’ you can access, and select the one you would like to use.
You can also do this with the ‘Service Ind Reason Code.’
Once you have chosen a reason code, the description field below will display a detailed description of the service indicator reason.

If desired, you may enter the start and end term or start and end date under ‘Effective Period.’

Add additional information in the Comments box below ‘Contact Information.’ Comments entered will not be available to students, but will be available to other administrative offices.

Lastly, select the ‘Ok’ or the  ‘Apply’ icon to finalize the hold.

Section C: Relations with Institution
The person’s relation to the university affects what students have access to see in SPIRE, and what IT services they will get.

To view the relations page, go to ‘Campus Profile’ and select ‘Relationships (Person).’  ‘Relations with Institution’ and enter the person’s information.

On this page you can see all past and current relations the person has with the university, such as employee, student employee, applicant, and more.

Congratulations! You have now finished the SPIRE student directory video training.