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SPIRE Student Directory Part 1: Searching for and Viewing Student Directory Information

SPIRE Student Directory Part 1: Searching for and Viewing Student Directory Information

A student’s directory information includes the following: Name, local address, home address, e-mail address, major, telephone number, date of birth, campus involvement, credentials awarded, citizenship status, and more.

To view directory information, click the SPIRE main menu, then Campus Profiles, and then Student Bio/Demo Information.

The Student Bio/Demo Information page is the easiest way to access a detailed view of a student’s current directory information. The next video contains details about how to use the page.

After clicking ‘Student Bio/Demo Information’ in the menu, you will be directed to the ‘Add/Update Person’ page - which will be used to select a person to view in the ‘Student Bio/Demo information’ page. This page includes fields which allow you to search for a person using several info points, including Campus ID and first or last name.

Enter criteria about the person you want to search for, and click Search to load results. Please note that results may take several moments to load.

Even if you enter a student’s first and last name, there is a possibility that you will still end up with more than one result. For example, this search returned multiple people named Eddie, with last names starting with “S.”

Additionally, some students may have more than one career tracks listed - for example if they have taken a pre-college class, like Eddie Sample has.
You may also see two careers listed if a student was an undergrad and is now a graduate student.
In cases where a search returns multiple similar results, or multiple lines for the same person, the unique 8-digit SPIRE id in the Empl ID column can help you tell people apart.

Once you have found the person whose information you need to view, click their name or any of the other links on their line in the Search Results table to view them in the Student Bio/Demo Information page.