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Information Technology

SPIRE - Share My Information

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The Share My Information option within SPIRE allows students to grant access to some of their SPIRE information, including:

  • View To Do List
  • View Holds
  • Account Summary
  • Financial Aid
  • 1098 Form
  • View Bill

Using SPIRE to Share Your Information

  1. On the Student Center page, select Managed Shared Access to view the Share My Information Summary page. This page allows students to manage access to their information with the ability to add new users, manage current users, and remove current users.

  2. Select Delegate Access to a New Contact, review and accept the Terms and Conditions. The Share My Information – Details page will open.
  3. Enter the required contact information including: Name of Contact, Relationship to Contact, and Contact’s Email Address. Then select the information that the Contact will have access to.
  4. After reviewing the information that has been entered, select Save. An email will be sent to the Contact detailing how to log into SPIRE and view the information that they have been granted access to. The student will also receive an email that the Contact has been added.