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How to navigate the SPIRE user interface


SPIRE Tutorial Videos Part 2: How to navigate the SPIRE user interface.

To access SPIRE, navigate to in your web browser. Enter your NetID and Password in the “Log On to SPIRE” box in the center of the page, and click go to log in.

The SPIRE user interface is mostly navigated through on-screen controls, rather than the address bar or back button in your browser. The most important of these controls is the Menu Bar.

The SPIRE Menu Bar is located at the top of the screen, directly under the SPIRE logo.

The Main Menu, located in the menu bar, contains every page you have access to in SPIRE.

For example, click ‘Main Menu’ in the Menu Bar, then ‘UMass Directory,’ and then ‘Directory Search’ to navigate to the Directory Search page. Once the Directory Search page loads, notice that the Menu Bar now contains two more items - UMass Directory, and Directory Search.

To streamline your navigation, the Menu Bar also displays the path to your current location in SPIRE.

For example, from the Directory Search page, you can click on ‘UMass Directory’ in the Menu Bar, then ‘My Directory Info’ to easily go to that page, without looking through the entire Main Menu.

The Favorites section of the Menu Bar is another tool that will make navigating SPIRE more easy.

Click ‘Favorites’ in the Menu Bar to access links to your recently viewed pages, and to access, add, or edit favorite SPIRE pages.

To demonstrate, let’s click ‘Add to Favorites’ to add the SPIRE page we are currently viewing (My Directory Info) to my favorites.

After clicking ‘Add to Favorites,’ a dialog box will appear in the center of the screen, which allows the user to enter a short description of the page they are adding to Favorites.

Once a description has been entered, click ‘OK’ to add the Favorite.

Now, if we access the Favorites menu by clicking ‘Favorites’ in the Menu Bar, you will find a link to the page we just added (My Directory Info) at the bottom of the list.

To edit or remove Favorites, click the ‘Edit Favorites’ button in the Favorites menu.