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Information Technology

Foundational Information Security Controls Project: Information for Colleges and Departments

UMass Amherst IT is currently engaged in a project to implement foundational information security controls for desktop and laptop computers across  campus. For an overview of the project and the security controls, please see the Foundational Information Security Controls Project Overview page.

This project cannot succeed without help from all areas of the campus and we appreciate your partnership in deploying these security controls. Colleges and/or departments should designate contacts to work with UMass Amherst IT on this project, and allocate staff resources to deploy the security controls. Ideally, the contact should be within the department/college's IT staff, or have responsibility over the IT staff.

The general process for departments to deploy the security controls is:

  1. Kick-off meeting with IT, the College/Department leadership and designated contact to discuss the project, define the scope, identify resources, answer questions, and discuss encryption options and alternate protections.
  2. Preparation and Planning
    • Inventory all computers in the College or department
    • Identify control gaps: Determine which security controls are already installed, and which are needed
    • Develop a plan and schedule for deploying the software controls to the computers 
  3. Send communications to the affected individuals and deploy the security controls to the computers. Track and report on progress.
  4. Upon completion, follow up between IT and the college or department leaders for feedback and lessons learned.


Available Resources

In addition to providing the required software, UMass Amherst IT will:

  • Assist campus IT Administrators with access and training on the software management consoles.
  • Provide updates to the software.
  • Provide advanced technical assistance related to the installation and management of the software.
  • Provide documentation templates that outline the actions taken and changes to systems.

Resources for IT Administrators: Software and technical documentation related to the Foundational Information Security Controls project, including installation and troubleshooting instructions are available to campus IT Administrators on the internal IT Wiki. Please contact to request access to the IT Administrator section of the IT Wiki.

Please contact Jake Cunningham ( with any questions