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Information Technology

Information Security Liaisons

Given the growing threats to our campus and with the goal to improve information security communications across campus, at least one person in the school/major unit has been identified to assist in information security training, communication, and compliance. There is approximately 1 liaison for every 300 faculty and staff. This follows higher education best practice models to address information security needs in the context of each school and major area's unique culture and communication methods. Liaisons for each major area:

Area Name Email Phone Photo
Information Technology Matthew Dalton (413) 545-4475
  Jake Cunningham (413) 577-0890
  Doug Downham (413) 545-2948 In progress
Academic Administration Deb Gould (413) 545-6271
Administration and Finance Jacqui Watrous (413) 545-2119 In progress
  Patty Roper (413) 577-3045 In progress
  Steve Wenczel (413) 545-6274 In progress
Athletics Kevin Wissmann (413) 577-0244
Chancellor's Area Michelle Goncalves (413) 545-1978
College of Education     Jim Smith (413) 545-8522 In progress
College of Engineering Jose M Figueroa (413) 545-1580 In progress
College of Humanities and Fine Arts Joe Bartolomeo (413) 545-3407
  Steven Rigler (413) 545-3683 In progress
College of Information and Computer Science Steve Cook (413) 545-0508
College of Natural Sciences Gary Rehorka (413) 577-3150
  Joe Bergman (413) 545-3624
  Jason Jordanides (413) 577-1811
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Emilie Ferreira (413) 577-1703 In progress
Development and Alumni Relations Warren Gray (413) 545-3768 In progress
Isenberg School of management Susan Boyer (413) 545-5634
Research and Engagement Chris Burnett (413) 545-5270
School of Public Health & Health Science Joe Pasquini (413) 545-2949
Student Affairs and Campus Life Andy Berg (413) 577-4116 In progress
University Relations Christopher Sparks (413) 545-848