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Information Technology

Rights & Responsibilities for the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources

UMass Amherst has policies and codes that define responsible use of computers and networks. There are also federal, state and local laws governing many interactions that occur on the Internet. You need to be aware of what your responsibilities are and what the process is for adjudicating violations. You also need to know what rights you have and how you can get help if your rights are violated.

University-Wide Policies & Codes

Full Document | Code of Student Conduct | Academic Honesty Policy | Principles of Employee ConductAcceptable Use of Information Technology | Acceptable Use of Information Technology Interpretation Guidelines

What are some violations of UMass Amherst policy and what are my responsibilities?

Full Document | Client (user) responsibilities | System administrator responsibilities | Security tips | Violations | Employee workplace environmentSpecific interpretations

What are some violations under local, state, and federal laws?

Full Document | Copyright infringement | Child pornography | Distribution of pornography to minors | Obscenity | Scams and pyramid schemes | Federal computer security violations | Bomb threats and hoaxes | Employee workplace environment

Useful Contact Information

Full Document | IT Help Center | UMass Amherst Police | Vice Chancellor for Information Services & Strategy Office | Human Resources | Dean of Students Office | Security Incidents Reports & Computer Abuse Complaints | Ombuds Office and the Academic Honesty Office | Office of Equal Opportunity & Diversity | Copyright Services

Many thanks to Cornell University, whose Responsible Use of Electronic Communications documentation served as a model for this document and is used with permission.