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Microsoft OneDrive vs Teams and SharePoint

What can I do with OneDrive and Teams?

OneDrive: Sync and access files across devices, Individual work file storage, Work individually, Store files privately or share with others; Teams: Instant chat and threaded messages, Video and conference calls, Work collaboratively, Good for courses, employee groups, and projects; Both: Group file storage, Share files with team members, Collaborate on documents in real time

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When should I use OneDrive or Teams?

OneDrive iconMicrosoft OneDrive Teams iconMicrosoft Teams
  • Store personal work files that don't need to be shared with common groups of people such as your department or team.
  • Share files that unrelated people may need access to (beyond your group or team).
  • Automatically back up and sync work files across your devices.
  • Easily share files with your group or team.
    Upload to Teams to give everyone in the team access, rather than configuring sharing manually.
  • Share project files that only people in your group or team need.
  • Store files that others in your group/team may need access to after you leave.



What is SharePoint?

You might notice web addresses from OneDrive and Teams that include the word SharePoint. Both OneDrive and Teams file sharing use SharePoint behind the scenes to store files and manage advanced permissions.
More information about how SharePoint relates to OneDrive and Teams