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DocuSign PowerForms

What are PowerForms

PowerForm is a self-service document that is initiated by a unique URL that you make available for signers to complete.  

Some examples may include:  a publically available access request form, internal web page equipment loan form, or private url to submit your timesheet.  

A PowerForm is created from a saved Template. For more information, please view our Template 101 PowerPoint training.  

Note: You must be logged into your UMASS google account (not your personal Gmail account) to be able to view the videos.

For more information, please view DocuSign’s PowerForm Overview information.    

PowerForm Template Restrictions

When creating a PowerForm, the following template features cannot be used: 

  • Conditional Recipients are not currently allowed.  (You may need to re-create your template if it once contained conditional recipients.) 
  • Sign-in person feature is not available  
  • Collaborative fields are not recommended. 
  • Document Visibility is unsupported. 

How to Submit a PowerForm Request

You will be required to review your template for accessibility standards. 

Once you’ve designed your template, a UMass IT PowerForm Administrator will be able to generate your URL or embed code.  Please fill out the ServiceNow PowerForm Request to initiate this process.  

A UMass IT PowerForm Administrator will respond to you within 2 business days with your PowerForm URL.  

For more information about the Additional Options, testing your URL once generated, and template requirements, please view DocuSign’s help documentation.  

Note: You will not be able to create the PowerForm yourself, but the ServiceNow request form will match the instructions on this page.