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Meeting with your Class in Zoom

Zoom is a desktop video conferencing program that allows faculty, staff, and students to host their own live online meetings with video, audio, screen sharing, and text-based chat.

Zoom software is available for Windows and Mac OS, as well as Android and iOS tablets and phones. Users can start a meeting or video call and invite others to join with or without an account using email or a shareable URL. The screen sharing tools allow for rich presentation and collaboration with the ability to draw and annotate on the screen.

Access Zoom

  1. Log in to UMass Zoom:
    • Select Sign in to Configure your account.
  2. Download the Zoom software:
    Note: When logging in to the Zoom software, your account name will be:

Create a Recurring Link and Share with Students

  1. For information on scheduling meetings and creating a recurring link in Zoom see: Scheduling Meetings in Zoom
    Note: To create Zoom links using the LTI tool in Moodle see: Get started with Zoom in Moodle
  2. To share recurring Zoom meeting web link in your Blackboard or Moodle course site:

Run a Zoom Meeting

Share your Zoom Recordings with Students

To share content using an existing web link, follow these specific instruction based on your LMS: