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Dean's Additional Functions

This page serves as a launching point for videos and text for the OWL-based Dean's Additional Functions online training.  The training gives an overview of key areas of SPIRE access granted to those with the Dean's Additional Functions security role. Note: only by completing the online OWL or in-person training will you gain this access in SPIRE. Here is more information on SPIRE Training and Access. Feel free to peruse the videos even if you have already taken the training or are just curious.

For Parts 1-4, watch the video by clicking on the thumbnail below.  Full text and key images can be viewed by clicking on the hyperlink to the right of each thumbnail.

 Part 1. Change a Student’s Credit/Unit Limit

Part 2. Search Enrollment Requests

Part 3. Search and View Grade Changes and Incompletes

Part 4. Repeat Codes and Comments