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Part 4 of 11: Student Services Center: Other Information

The Student tab of the Student Services Center contains basic information about the student.

  • The Finances box is located below the Academics box. It contains links to financial information, such as the student's bill and account. You need special SPIRE access to view a student's financial information.

  • The Personal Information box displays the student's active mailing and permanent addresses, local or cell phone numbers and official UMass email address. For an in-depth look into the student's directory information, please use the Student Bio/Demo page.

  • The Expected Graduation Term box displays when the student is expected to graduate. Undergraduate students can update their expected graduation term on their Graduation Data page. For graduate students, the graduation term displays the student's Statute of Limitations, or term when the student must complete all degree requirements. Please refer to the Graduate School-Degree Requirement for more information.

The right side of the Student Center page contains the student's message center, holds, to do list, enrollment appointment dates, and primary advisor.

  • The topmost box is the Message Center which contains secure messages to the student from various offices across UMass, including the Bursar and Financial Aid Office.

  • The Holds box (located below the Message Center) lists the holds (also known as negative service indicators) placed on the student. Holds originate from departments throughout campus, like the Bursar and Financial Aid office and often prevent the student from enrolling in classes. To resolve the hold, a student must follow the department's instructions on the Your Holds page. To view this, click on the Details link to go to the Your Holds page, and then click on the hold item to get to the Your Holds- Hold Item page. Also, if a student has a hold, the red prohibition icon appears at the top right corner of the Student Services Center (and some other SPIRE pages, too). You may also select this icon to view the student's hold.

  • The To Do List box below Holds notifies the student of requirements that must be completed by the student, such as forms that need to be filled out. By clicking More, you can see the details of To Do List item.

  • The Primary Advisor box displays the student's academic plans as well as their assigned advisor. Not all departments assign a single advisor for undergraduate students. In this case, the department's advising information will appear here. Graduate students are typically assigned to a specific advisor. You may also view the student's advisor information on the Advisors page by navigating to Academic Records using Main Menu > Career & Program Information > Advisors.