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Restore your Activities and Resources with the Recycle bin in Moodle


Error Note: Activities restored from the Recycle Bin do not restore student responses or student data. Moodle US is aware of this Moodle-wide bug and are working on a fix.


The Recycle bin saves deleted Activities or Resources from your Moodle course for a period of seven days. After an Activity or Resource is deleted it can take up to 15 minutes to appear in your Recycle bin, and up to 15 minutes to be restored into your course from the Recycle bin. If the items in the Recycle bin are not restored or retrieved during this period, they will be permanently deleted after seven days.

Note: If you have recently deleted an Activity wth a grade associated with it, the grade item name in the grader report will be prefixed with: [Deletion in progress]. Additionally, in the grader report and gradebook setup page will display a reminder that some grade items and their associated grades are in the process of being deleted. 

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Once the Activity is deleted and appears in your Recycle bin the warning in the gradebook will disappear.

Restore Deleted Activities or Resources from the Recyle Bin

  1. In the menu bar at the top of your course page, select the Course Management button (gear icon Course Management button looks like 3 gears). The Course Management panel will open.
  2. On the Course Management panel, under Course Settings, select Recycle bin. The Recycle bin page will open.
  3. Locate the activity or resource you want to restore, under the Restore column select Restore (up arrow icon).  The item will appear iat the bottom of the top Section of your course.

Exceptions for Restoring Course Content

The Recycle bin will save most content including activities and student data that has been deleted. There are some exceptions to the data preserved:

  • Attendance activities lose their data in the restore process.
  • HTML blocks are not saved to the Recycle bin.
  • If you delete an entire section from your Moodle course page, activities and resources within the section will appear in the Recycle bin. However, if the Topic or Week had a Section summary, the summary text will be lost.