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Information Technology

Policy on Integrating Third-Party Tools with Moodle

UMass Amherst IT Instructional Innovation periodically receives requests from instructors to integrate 3rd-party learning tools with Moodle. Please note the following guidelines for 3rd-party integrations:

  • Requests for 3rd-party integrations must be made by a UMass Amherst instructor, not by a 3rd-party itself.
  • 3rd-parties are expected to provide the industry standard Learning Tools Integration (LTI) for their learning tools.
  • If a 3rd-party cannot provide an LTI, Instructional Innovation may be able to support installation of "plugin" software into the UMass Amherst Moodle service. To use a 3rd-party plugin, Instructional Innovation will need to receive an instructor request at least 3 months before the start of the semester to install, configure, test, and troubleshoot the plugin.
  • If testing reveals issues with a 3rd-party Moodle integration that affects the functionality, system stability, or security of Moodle, Instructional Innovation may not be able to authorize its use with Moodle.
  • Instruction innovation will provide ongoing support for the integration of 3rd-party learning tools with Moodle, i.e., the connection between Moodle and the learning tool.
  • 3rd-parties are expected to fully support students and instructors for the features of their learning tools.

If you need help or have any questions, please contact the Instructional Media Lab at or 413-545-2823).