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Manage Data Extensions Created with the Upload Form - Marketing Cloud

After creating a data extension file (DE) via the Upload Form application in Marketing Cloud, please complete tasks A. and B. below to use your DE for an email send. DEs created via the form will expire after 14 calendar days. For help, please email

A. Navigate to your DE and check the data.

Under Subscribers, go to Data Extensions, then Ad-hoc List Updates

  1. Navigate to Email Studio.
    On Marketing Cloud, click Email Studio, then Email in the dropdown menu
  2. Choose Data Extensions from the Subscribers menu item at the top.
    Subscribers > Data Extensions
  3. Expand the Data Extensions category and Data Extensions folder in the left side navigation panel.
  4. Select the folder Ad-hoc List Uploads. You should see your recently created DE in the list. Your file name contains the list upload file name followed by an underscore "_" and a series of numbers. If you do not see it in this list, check to see that you are using the same BU that you chose when you used the form to upload your list file.
    Click Ad-hoc List Uploads in the left menu
  5. Click on your DE and check that it contains the expected number of records data.
    Check the number of records in the data extension
  6. Click the Records tab to view your contacts and data columns.
    The Records tab
  7. Return to the Ad-hoc List Uploads list by clicking on that text either at the top or in the left nav tray.
    Click Ad-hoc List Uploads to return to that list

B. Move your new DE file to your department's Ad-hoc Lists folder in the "Salesforce Data Extensions" folder.

  1. Select your DE, and click the Move button at the top of the list.
    Select the DE, then click Move
  2. Expand the Salesforce Data Extensions folder in the tree, then expand your department's folder.
  3. Select the Ad-hoc Lists - Deptname folder and click OK. (See example for College of Engineering below.)
    Salesforce Data Extensions > Engineering > Ad-hoc Lists - Engineering
  4. Navigate to your departmental Ad-hoc Lists folder under Salesforce Data Extensions in the left side nav tray to see that it has been moved successfully. 
    Reminder: All DEs created via the Upload Form expire in 14 calendar days. If you need to send to this list again after expiration, you'll have to upload a new list. If you plan to send to this list on a regular basis, please contact to request a permanent DE.
    Check in your departmental ad-hoc list under Salesforce Data Extensions that it has moved