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Email List Upgrade: Prepare for the Move

For List Owners

Before February 23, 2021

Go to, click Manage Your Mailing Lists, and log in with your NetID and password.

  1. Review your lists and list memberships.
  2. Remove any list members who are no longer active.
  3. For lists to be upgraded to Google Groups, they need to have at least one non-owner member. Be sure that the lists you wish to continue to use have at least one member. Your list membership and settings will be moved.
  4. If your list was set to archive messages, you can download your message archives. Message archives will not be moved.
  5. If you are the manager of lists that are no longer in use, please wait until the upgrade to Google Groups is complete. You will have the ability to delete them in Google Groups.

After February 26, 2021

Go to and log in with your NetID and password. Your email lists appear under My groups.

  1. Check to make sure all your lists appear under My groups. If anything is missing, contact
  2. Click a list name to see messages posted to a list.
  3. Click the Group Settings icon (at right) to adjust or update the list settings, such as posting policies or member moderation. Learn more about Group Settings
  4. On the Manage Groups screen, in the menu at left, under People, click Members to see your list membership.

Important change: Google Groups refers to previous Mailman list owners as ‘list managers.’ List managers are by default added to the lists they manage.

Go to SPIRE (IT Accounts > Email List Request/View) to:

  1. Review your current lists
  2. Delete a list

For List Members

After February 26, 2021, go to and log in with your NetID and password. Your email lists appear under My groups.

  1. To unsubscribe from a list, click the left arrow/Leave group icon.
  2. To subscribe to a list, in the menu at left, click All groups, then search or find the group to which you wish to subscribe. Next to the group name, click the right arrow/Ask to join group icon.