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Next Generation Calling: Campus Phone System Upgrade


A new, next generation calling service will replace the aging campus phone system at UMass Amherst. The new service, powered by Microsoft Teams, provides a superior user experience and is strategically aligned with campus targets for efficiency and effectiveness and delivery of IT services.

  • Faculty and staff will keep their UMass Amherst phone numbers, which will be available on campus or remotely.
  • Phone calling will be added to Microsoft Teams, a platform that is already in use at UMass Amherst and available through Microsoft 365 for most computers and mobile devices.
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Teams Calls Learning & Support

Get up and running with Teams Calls - learn how make and receive calls, set up your voicemail, and more.

Some settings described in the quick start guide are not available after your campus number has moved to Teams.

About the phone system upgrade

In-depth introduction to Teams Calls



Features & Benefits

Superior, convenient user experience 

  • Make calls and check your voicemail from most devices anywhere.
  • Your campus phone number travels with you. 
  • Seamlessly integrate your phone, email, calendar, and storage for better communication and collaboration.
  • Faster deployment of new features.
  • More efficiencies as legacy hardware is retired, and voice and data networks converge. 

Other service offerings

  • Emergency calling and contact centers remain available in the new environment. 

Teams Calls Overview



Upgrade Progress

stacked bar chart showing phase 1 staff lines complete, phase 2 started with 644 total legacy lines, 20 or 3% upgraded to teams calls. Data updated 5 25 23





Winter 2022

  • Bid awarded.

Spring 2022

Summer & Fall 2022

  • Planning for the transition to next generation phone system underway.

Fall 2022 & Winter 2023

  • Small scale transition has started and will continue to ramp up in 2023.

Spring 2023

  • Transition continues with more lines being switched every week.




Feedback & Engagement


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