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Information Technology

Case Study: How UMass Amherst Transformed Data Culture

May 9, 2024

The University of Massachusetts Amherst possesses a wealth of data across budgets, enrollment, student retention, admissions, and more. This new case study from HeliosCampus explores how the University consolidated data through Flagship Analytics, the University's analytics platform, leading to improved decision-making, better budget use, and better communication across departments.

"Data itself can be mind-numbingly boring," says Chris Misra, Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and CIO. "But what it enables and the student outcomes that can be supported from accurately understanding it — that is interesting. There are real students positively impacted. What you don’t see is the student who was on a DFW for physics who got the help they needed…that those stories are happening is what matters to me."

Read the full case study: No Exceptions: How UMass Amherst Transformed Their Data Culture