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Information Technology

Fraud Alert: Fake UMass Amherst Job Scams on Facebook

March 29, 2024

UMass Amherst Information Technology (IT) has been made aware of a series of fraudulent job posts on Facebook Groups and over Facebook Messenger that have targeted students, including UMass Amherst students to engage in conversations with scammers over Facebook Messenger, email, phone, and/or text messages.

Some of the scam posts impersonate current UMass faculty members with fake phone numbers (one number being used is 202-983-6967), and a fake email account that uses forged sender information to appear as if it comes from campus instructors.

The fraudulent job posts may lead students to correspond with the scammers on Facebook Messenger, email, phone, or by text. The scammers request the students to make a series of purchases (laptop, printer, label maker, etc.) and claim the University would reimburse the student. From there, the scammers try to convince the student to deposit a fraudulent, invalid check to their bank account (usually in the form of a PDF) via mobile deposit. Then, the scammers instruct the student to purchase prepaid cards for so-called "work purposes" to be sent to the scammer.

Action to Take

If you are currently corresponding on Facebook Messenger or over email or text, please read the following:

  • DO break off any communication
  • DO NOT deposit checks 
  • DO notify your bank IMMEDIATELY if you have deposited such a check
  • DO NOT make any purchases being requested
  • DO report the fraud to the social media platform (e.g. Facebook) 

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