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Next Generation Phone Service to Replace Campus Phones in 2022

March 9, 2022

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A new, next generation phone service will replace the aging campus phone system in 2022. The new service, powered by Microsoft Teams, provides a superior user experience and is strategically aligned with campus targets for efficiency and effectiveness and delivery of IT services.

What to Expect: Access your UMass Amherst Phone On Campus or Remotely

Departments, faculty, and staff can expect a unified communication experience that responds to our evolving productivity and collaboration needs.

  • Faculty and staff retain their UMass Amherst phone numbers, which will be available on campus or remotely.
  • Phone calling will be added to Microsoft Teams, a platform that is already in use at UMass Amherst and available through Microsoft 365 on computers and mobile devices.
  • The features of the traditional desk phone, such as voicemail, will be available from most computers and mobile devices, and will be integrated with meetings, chat, online storage, email, and calendar for an easier and more unified experience.
  • Specialty features, such as contact centers and department caller menus, voicemail transcription and email notifications will be available in addition to numerous other features.

Some Aspects of the Current Phone System Will Not Change

  • Emergency calling (e.g., blue light phones, elevator phones, common area phones, areas of refuge) and other service offerings will remain available in buildings and other areas on campus.
  • Services using analog lines will continue to be supported to meet current compliance requirements.

The transition to a next-generation phone system further accelerates UMass Amherst's digital transformation with many opportunities for strategic alignment of campus resources. Hosted in the cloud, the new phone system is more reliable, resilient, and scalable and allows faster deployment of new features and more options for self-service and automation.

The transition will start this spring. For updates, see the Next Generation Phone Service: Campus Phone System Upgrade pages.