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Coming Spring Semester: Security and User Experience Enhancements in Zoom

January 11, 2022

Several new defaults for select settings on Zoom will be implemented for the spring semester to enhance security and the user experience.
Settings to be changed:  

  1. Must secure all meetings with a passcode, Waiting Room, or "Only authenticated users can join meetings
  2. Allow users to report meeting participants for inappropriate behavior to Zoom's Trust and Safety team for review. 
  3. Start meetings with participant video on. Participants can change this during the meeting. 
  4. Allow meeting participants to communicate without interrupting by clicking on icons (yes, no, slow down, speed up, coffee cup). 
  5. Allow meeting participants and webinar panelists to rename themselves 
  6. Notify the host 7 days before the cloud recording is permanently deleted from trash. 
  7. Require users who are using older versions of Zoom to update to the minimum client versions specified

These settings will retroactively change previously scheduled meetings. 

For more information about Zoom, see or the Zoom Support Center