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Coming Soon: People Finder Online Campus Directory Redesigned

October 15, 2021

Starting this October, UMass Amherst is launching a redesigned, more secure online campus directory. In the new version, People Finder ( allows searches for faculty and staff contact information and requires login to access student contact information.

To search the complete online directory, members of the campus community will need to log in with their and password. From the People Finder homepage, simply click Search for Students, Faculty & Staff to search for students, faculty, or staff. Search results remain the same:

  • For students, you will see the name, email, phone number, degree, major, and pronouns, if applicable.
  • For faculty and staff, you will see the name, title, campus address, phone number, email, and pronouns, if applicable.

More details, more ways to search, and more comprehensive results are also available in SPIRE, the student information system. In the main menu, go to UMass Directory > Directory Search. To update your directory information, go to UMass Directory > My Directory Info.

We are making these changes to further protect our students’ privacy and secure personal and contact information. The redesign of the campus online directory responds to student requests, meets current compliance requirements, and is a critical to the university’s updated information security strategy.

For a sneak peek, see below:

People Finder: Search for Faculty & Staff

People Finder - search for faculty and staff


People Finder: Search for Students, Faculty & Staff

People Finder - Search for Students, Faculty & Staff


Search Results

People Finder search results