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Unified Communications & Campus Phone System Upgrades: October 2021 Updates

October 5, 2021

Last month, we announced that the campus phone system would be upgraded to a unified communication environment which seamlessly integrates with popular communication and collaboration technologies, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Many thanks to those of you who contacted us with questions and suggestions. Please continue to share your thoughts via email at

A few other updates are below:

  • Phone numbers will not change. Members of the campus community will be able to keep their current phone number.
  • Accessibility requirements are included in the vendor application process.
  • The features of the traditional desk phone, such as voicemail, will be available from most computers or mobile devices.
  • Emergency calling, contact centers, and other related service offerings will remain available in the new environment.
  • Services using analog lines will continue to be supported to meet current compliance requirements.

Vendor selection and technical assessment are currently in progress. If you have special requirements that we should take into consideration in our evaluation,

For details, see the Unified Communications Project page. Feedback? Contact us at