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Coming Soon: People Finder Online Campus Directory Redesigned

October 15, 2021

Starting next week, UMass Amherst is launching a redesigned, more secure online campus directory. In the new version, People Finder ( allows searches for faculty and staff contact information and requires login to access student contact information.

Faculty & Staff: Two-Step Login Expanded to Zoom, Microsoft 365, Other Campus Services This Fall

October 14, 2021

In response to recent information security threats targeting UMass Amherst, faculty and staff will use two-step login (a.k.a. multi-factor authentication) to access Zoom, Microsoft Outlook, OneDrive, Google Workspace for Education, DocuSign, and other campus services this fall. This is the same process many employees use to access HR Direct.

Unified Communications & Campus Phone System Upgrades: October 2021 Updates

October 5, 2021

Last month, we announced that the campus phone system would be upgraded to a unified communication environment which seamlessly integrates with popular communication and collaboration technologies, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Many thanks to those of you who contacted us with questions and suggestions. Please continue to share your thoughts via email at

A few other updates are below:

Security Alert! New Phishing Scam Targets UMass Amherst Community - Fri., Oct. 1

October 4, 2021

On Friday, October 1, 2021, a new fraudulent phishing message with the subject “Fw: UMASS Support Program” began targeting UMass Amherst email users.

The email notifies the recipient “In response to the current hardship in the community due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Massachusetts has decided to support all students and employees to get through these hard times.” and asks the recipient to “Visit the UMASS COVID-19 Support page”. The links in the message direct the recipient to a fraudulent version of a UMass Amherst login page. 

RESOLVED: Issues with SPIRE, Virtual Private Network, Other Services - Tue., 9/28

September 28, 2021

11:30 a.m.

The issues reported earlier have been resolved. If you continue to experience problems with IT services, please contact IT User Services at or 413-545-9400. 

10:30 a.m.

Some services have been restored. SPIRE continues to be unavailable. Updates will be posted once they are available.

9:30 a.m.