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Box Retirement: Steps You Can & Cannot Take During the Review Period

June 4, 2021

The review period, a significant milestone in the transition from Box to OneDrive, began June 1 this week.

Box Retirement
Review Period: June 1 - June 13, 2021 

Do not move or edit any files in the BoxData folder until after June 13.​

  1. Log in to your UMass Amherst OneDrive at with and password.
  2. In your OneDrive:
    • Open the BoxData folder and review your Box content.
    • In the menu at left, click Shared to see the files, including Box files, that others have shared with you.
  3. Remember file ownership:
    • Some files may be owned by a subsidiary account. You must log in to the OneDrive associated with that account to access those files.
    • Some files may have shared ownership. For files you co-own, do not change the file owner in Box. To transfer ownership of your files directly in OneDrive, use these step-by-step instructions after June 14.
    • To access a Box file owned by a previous member of the university community, please contact for guidance.
  4. Report any missing files or folders to