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Campus Email Lists To Be Upgraded to Google Groups - February 2021

February 4, 2021

UMass Amherst email lists (a.k.a. listservs) will be upgraded from Mailman, a legacy platform, to Google Groups this February.

On Wednesday, February 17, 2021, faculty, staff, and campus organizations can request new email lists in SPIRE. New lists will be created in Google Groups (and no longer in Mailman). Learn how to request a new email list

Between Tuesday, February 23, and Friday, February 26, 2021, current email lists will be upgraded from Mailman to Google Groups.

  • List email addresses are not changing. You will continue to use the same list email addresses after the upgrade to Google Groups. You will be able to post and receive messages from the UMass Amherst email lists to which you subscribe during this time.
  • List moderation will be available, meaning you can approve, defer, or reject messages as needed during the upgrade. List administration operations will be available, but any changes made after February 23 will not be moved to Google Groups. This means that adding/deleting members or any other changes you make to your lists during this time will not be reflected in Google Groups.
  • Once the upgrade is complete, list managers and subscribers can log in to Google Groups to review and update their list preferences. List management will no longer be available in Mailman. Information for List Owners | Information for List Members

We are making this change to ensure continued reliability and availability of our mailing list service. Given its aging under-the-hood infrastructure, Mailman is no longer reliable for message delivery, while Google Groups offers similar features, a superior user experience, and better integration with Google Drive, Calendar, and other apps in the G Suite for education. This change does not affect class email lists, which were upgraded to Google Groups in spring 2020. Learn more about Google Groups | Mailman vs. Google Groups: What’s New & Different

Benefits of upgrading to Google Groups include:

  • More intuitive interface: list managers and subscribers have the ability to find all their lists, including message archives in one location
  • List subscribers can easily unsubscribe from the lists they no longer need
  • List managers can delete lists without having to contact UMass Amherst IT
  • Larger attachment size (25 MB vs 1 MB)
  • List managers can easily lock conversations
  • And more...