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Information Technology

Phishing Awareness: UMass Amherst IT Observes New Phishing Message Trend

December 6, 2019

UMass Amherst Information Technology (IT) has received reports of several phishing attempts using similar language and tactics to target members of the campus community.

This trend of phishing emails involves the scammer(s) creating a fake email address that tries to resemble that of faculty and staff on campus (e.g. [faculty name]

These fraudulent emails tend to have “Follow up” in the subject line, with the email itself asking the recipient, “Are you available for a quick task?” The scammer(s) also attempt to replicate the email signature of the person they’re posing as.

Do not respond to the fraudulent message! Responding or opening any attachments from the sender may put your information and the university's information and systems at risk.

If you have already responded to the message and supplied your personal information, or something else of value, please notify us at