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Information Technology

Matthew Dalton Named Interim Director of Instructional Innovation

September 11, 2019

Matthew Dalton, our Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and member of the UMass Amherst Information Technology leadership team, has been appointed Interim Director of Instructional Innovation, in addition to his current role. Effective Monday, September 16, 2019, Matthew replaces Robert Davis, who retires this month.

As Interim Director of Instructional Innovation, Matthew will oversee Instructional Innovation and Technology support staff, with a strong emphasis on delivering quality support for instructional innovation services. In collaboration with campus partners, he will lead instructional innovation and technology initiatives that advance the university strategic goals for teaching and learning.

An information technology professional with over 20 years of leadership experience and significant knowledge of current issues in higher education, Matthew has led information security, policy development, compliance, and risk management at UMass Amherst since 2015. Before joining UMass Amherst, Matthew was the Director of Information Security at Ohio University where he successfully led the implementation of a first-in-class, comprehensive information security program. Matthew holds a graduate degree (M.S. with Honors) in Information Assurance from Norwich University and an undergraduate degree in computer science with a minor in music education.

His background includes undergraduate teaching, research collaborations, and oversight of IT operations, including classroom technologies and faculty support. He is an active member of EDUCAUSE, Higher Education Information Security Council, and other higher education professional organizations.

We thank Robert Davis for his kind leadership and numerous positive contributions to the Instructional Innovation team, our department, and teaching and learning on campus. Robert has been instrumental in a large number of recent initiatives, including the successful launch of the new Feinberg Innovation Space, helping to design new, technology-enabled, accessible classrooms, and shaping the direction of instructional technology for the next generation of UMass Amherst students.