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Mac Users: Update Your Zoom Videoconferencing Client Application

July 10, 2019

On Tuesday, July 9, 2019, UMass Amherst's videoconferencing service provider Zoom issued an important security update for the Zoom client on Mac OS computers. While the update should be automatically applied, we recommend Mac OS users who have the Zoom client installed launch the client and install the latest update. To check for updates, click in the upper left of the menu bar, and then click Check for updates

In addition to applying this security update, we also recommend that Zoom users disable automatically starting calls with video on. We will be pushing out this change system-wide to UMass Amherst Zoom accounts soon. To enable or disable automatic video on your own account (overriding this default), click the Settings gear icon in the upper right of the Zoom client, then click Video, and then check the box for Turn off my video when joining a call