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Information Technology

Anti-virus Update: Report Any Technical Issues Today

June 14, 2019

UMass Amherst IT is working on several issues reported by campus members using the university's new advanced anti-virus and endpoint protection software, Sophos Advanced Intercept X with EDR.

These reports include:

  • Slower boot times
  • Issues with some Microsoft products
  • Instances of Adobe Acrobat freezing

If you are experiencing any of the aforementioned issues, please contact or your local IT support staff.

To tell if your computer is running Sophos, look for the Sophos shield icon on your device's menu or taskbar. 

The university switched to Sophos, an advanced anti-virus solution, earlier this year as its contract with McAfee ended on Sunday, March 31, 2019. IT professionals have worked to install the software across campus before and since then, putting Sophos on some 8,000 computers and 500 servers over the last three months.

UMass Amherst IT has been working to address these emerging issues and is in constant contact with the vendor to resolve them.