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Updates to "UMASS-DEVICES" beta network

February 22, 2018

UMass IT has made changes to the "UMASS-DEVICES" network beta that may require some users to reconnect.

Affected users need only reconnect their devices to the "UMASS-DEVICES" network beta per their device manufacturer's instructions. The "UMASS-DEVICES" network beta is a WPA2 Personal (AES) network that utilizes a PSK passphrase. The passphrase can be found by visiting and then by clicking on the "Manage Devices" page. NOTE: You do not need to re-register your devices to reconnect to the network.

If you receive an error message while reconnecting, please unplug your device, wait 30 minutes, and power it back on. 

Thank you for your patience. If you have any questions or experience other issues connecting to the "UMASS-DEVICES" beta network, please contact IT User Services at 413-545-TECH (8324) or