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Run XpressConnect to Configure Your Device(s) to Connect to eduroam

January 5, 2016

Your devices (e.g., cell phone, laptop) may not be properly configured to connect to the eduroam wireless network. Even though your device is able to connect to the UMASS network at this time, your settings will prevent your devices from connecting to eduroam here and at other institutions in the commonwealth, the U.S, and the world.

What You Need To Do: Run XpressConnect

Simply run the XpressConnect wizard on all your devices. Running XpressConnect will automatically correct the issue and configure your devices.

In order to connect to wireless at another eduroam institution, the saved username on your device must be in the format (not just your NetID). Note: This is not necessarily your email address.

More information on eduroam basic configuration settings.

When You Need To Do It: As soon as your schedule permits

Please run XpressConnect as soon as possible. Starting January 5, 2016, connecting to eduroam wireless at UMass Amherst will require the username to be in the format. This will ensure that you have a consistent roaming experience among our eduroam partner institutions.

If you have any questions, please contact IT User Services at or 413-545-TECH (8324).

UPDATE: Starting in June 2018, a new setup wizard replaced XpressConnect, making it easier to connect to the eduroam wireless network. For more information, head to the Wireless Network Access page.