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Information Technology

UPDATE: Major Planned Outage: Network Modernization Project - Saturday, 7/18

July 18, 2015

UPDATE: The major network modernization upgrade scheduled for Saturday, July 18, 2015 is now complete.

Preliminary testing is looking good. However, we have a few reports that email messages sent this morning during our maintenance window (Saturday, 7/18, starting at 6:00 a.m.) are holding in email outboxes. Most users’ outboxes have automatically cleared when email systems came back online. For those who still have messages in their outbox, please open your outbox, then open individual messages that have not been sent, and hit ‘Send.’ This should send the message.

If you have questions on how to do this or if you notice any other unusual issues that you believe may be related to the upgrade, contact IT User Services at 413-545-9400.

We are performing a major network modernization upgrade in our data center on Saturday, July 18, 2015.

Starting at 6 a.m. and throughout the morning, intermittent connectivity may occur to the applications listed below.

If you have concerns about this maintenance or if you are having trouble accessing or using these services after the upgrade, contact IT User Services at 413-545-9400.

For updates during the maintenance period, check the UMass Amherst IT social media pages on Facebook and Twitter. For updates after July 18, 2015, check the IT website.

The date of July 18th was selected based on our best efforts to minimize campus impact.

List of affected services

High Criticality
Active Directory (Windows Authentication)
Authentication services (For most systems on campus)
DNS and IP address management (Campus Wide)
E-mail and Calendaring and Mailing Lists (Exchange/Umail/WebMail)
Smartgrant ERA services website (and all hosted Web Sites)

Medium Criticality
Archtics (Ticketmaster)
Clockwork (Disability Services)
CommVault (Backup and Restore System)
Database services
eProtocol (Research Affairs)
Filemaker (UPress)
Firewalls (Campus)
Inteum (Research Affairs)
Museums (5-Colleges)
StudioAbroad (IPO)
SugarCRM (Research Affairs)
T3 (Account and Service Provisioning)
Titanium (PSY)
Tririga (A&F)
UMass IT WinShare File/Print
Vmware (and all VMs)
Wiki services (Student Affairs wiki, IT wiki)