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Voicemail Online - Web PhoneManager

Web PhoneManager (WPM) allows subscribers to manage their campus voicemail messages, mailbox recordings, and mailbox settings over the Internet. To log into your voice mailbox, visit the Web PhoneManager login page. For more information, download the Web PhoneManager User Guide .pdf file on the right.

Important Notes:

  • WPM is available to all voice mail subscribers. There is no additional fee for this service.
  • You can access the WPM website from on or off-campus and from smartphones.
  • Always remember to LOGOUT from WPM before exiting. (Any messages you delete in WPM remain in your trash bin until you empty them or logout. Your mailbox can fill up quickly if your trash is not emptied regularly).
  • WPM is compatible with most browsers; however, results vary among browsers.


Please contact the Voice Applications Services Office at 577- 4357 or email