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Information Technology

Residential Technology Fee - Family Housing

Residential Technology Fee - Family Housing

The residential technology services fee is used to provide technology services in your residence hall.

  • Beginning August 1, 2015, the $30 monthly fee will be posted to the student Bursar bill for Family Housing Student Residents. For more information about the Office of the Bursar and payment methods, visit
  • For Family Housing Non-Student Residents, the non-refundable “Residential Technology Fee” of $120 will continue to be billed by UMass Amherst Information Technology three times a year (Fall, Spring, Summer). The non-student residents will continue to have the option to pay the total amount of $120 for the four-month billing period or $30 by the 15th of every month.

A blue “UMass Amherst IT Payment” form must be filled out and submitted with payment to the Bursar’s Office. Your “Billing” number is the Primary Lease Holder’s eight digit Campus ID. The forms are available at the Family Housing office in North Village C01 and the Office of the Bursar.

If a tenant commits to residency after the 23rd of the month, there will be no Residential Technology Fee – Family Housing due that month. If a tenant terminates residency from the 1st through the 7th of the month, there will be no Residential Technology Fee – Family Housing due that month.

Returned Check Fee

UMass Amherst IT will charge a "Returned Check Fee" of $25 on every check that is returned unpaid.

Policy on Non-Payment for Services

UMass Amherst IT may, without further notification, block any network communication services (including telephone, voicemail and/or network access) for any overdue balance. The block on telephone service will be a change of service that will still allow for emergency calls only.


Call UMass IT Network Communications at 413-545-2103 or email