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EchoVideo Lecture Capture

EchoVideo lecture capture technology allows instructors to record course content in classrooms outfitted with EchoVideo hardware, or on their desktop and laptop computers using the EchoVideo Personal Capture software. Students can access recordings through their Moodle or Blackboard, and stream content at any time. 

EchoVideo Logo

EchoVideo, formerly Echo360, is the lecture capture and streaming solution adopted by UMass Amherst. You can have your lectures in rooms equipped with EchoVideo recorded automatically, or use the EchoVideo Universal Capture: Personal to make recordings on your computer. Students can stream the content any time during the semester. 

You can allow students to review recordings of live class sessions, "flip" your classrooms by pre-recording lectures, or created target micro-lectures to clear up confusion amongst your students.  

Classroom Capture

With classroom-based capture, you can schedule and automatically record your classroom lectures, including:

  • Activities on your computer desktop
  • Video of you, the lecturer
  • The room/system audio, including your voice
  • Documents via a document camera
  • Media playing through the classroom audio/visual rack

For a list of classrooms that currently have integrated lecture capture, see UMass Amherst Classrooms Equipped With Lecture Capture.

IMPORTANT: Macintosh OSX users planning to use EchoVideo Classroom Capture, see Use EchoVideo Classroom Capture with an Apple Laptop for important information and additional steps you may need to take. 

EchoVideo Universal Capture: Personal

Use EchoVideo Universal Capture: Personal software on your Macintosh or Windows computer to capture audio, video, and screen action focused on specific topics that you choose to create. For instance, you could provide content for students who need improvement in a given subject, create a recording to cover a topic you weren’t able to get to in class, or even cover course content in the event of a snow day.

EchoVideo Universal Capture: Personal allows you to record anytime/anywhere, and have full control over the start/stop and publishing process.

Upload Other Content

You can still upload course content you have created in another platform (e.g., Camatasia, Jing), into EchoVideo to share with students. Simply request EchoVideo for your course and upload your files. 

Lecture Capture Recordings Policy

Please see our Lecture Capture Recordings Policy page for important information on how EchoVideo recordings are made, managed, and responsibilities of instructors using the platform.

Request EchoVideo Lecture Capture

To request EchoVideo Classroom Capture or EchoVideo Universal Capture: Personal software, see our Request Lecture Capture page.

To learn more, contact the Instructional Media Lab (413-545-2823 |


There is no charge for the use of EchoVideo.