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Video and Audio for Instructors

Creating video or audio can be a great way to create instructional or research materials. There are also more and more instructors assigning media-based projects to their students. Although an exciting and effective tool, working with audio and video takes time and resources and should be planned carefully.

Digital Storytelling Assignments

Cameras are in nearly every phone. Tools for recording and editing audio and video are getting cheaper and more ubiquitous. Collaborative sites, social media and cloud-based services make it easy to publish and share files. All this means that more people can create and distribute their own multimedia work.

Because visual and audio content is so much easier to create now, more instructors are assigning digital storytelling projects to their students. This term has been coined to mean any assignment that involves the production by the student of a presentation that captures visuals and spoken words, rather than written text.

One of the popular option for digital storytelling is creating audio slideshows with photographs and audio (voice over, music, or more advanced sound mixes). You could create photo slideshows in the desktop-based video editing applications, or using apps on mobile devices.

Programs such as iMovie (Mac) and MovieMaker (PC) come standard with new computers and can make creating short video clips easier than ever before. GarageBand and Audacity are also free and work specifically with audio. 

You could also use Final Cut Pro X (Mac) and Adobe Premiere Pro CC to edit more complex projects with your students.

iMovie and Premiere Clip are only two of many popular choices for editing digital storytelling projects on mobile devices.

Your students could use their own devices, or check out video and audio recording equipment from the Digital Media Lab with a valid UMass Amherst student ID. 

For more information and training on media recording and editing, please contact us at the  Instructional Media Lab. You're welcome to attend one of our workshops, schedule an individual consultation, or request a class visit: please call 545-2823 or email