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Information Technology

Classroom Demonstrations

Academic Computing staff are available for appointments to assist faculty who need to demonstrate a technology to their students. Ideally, our goal is to help prepare faculty to present themselves; however, we can also assist with the demonstration if this is the first or only time the presentation is needed.

If you want help presenting technology by yourself

The most effective method in teaching a technology is for faculty to demonstrate the technology to their students. If you would like help preparing such a presentation, contact the Instructional Media Lab at 545-2823 or to arrange a consultation on the topic.

Through a discussion of your instructional goals we can help you plan out the most effective way to present the technology to your students. For many topics, we may already have handouts and lesson plans available for you to use. Additionally, if you are interested in extra support we may be able to attend your demonstration and offer advice or answer questions.

If you want someone to assist with your presentation

If this would be the first (or only) time you would demonstrate a technology, and you would prefer to watch how someone else does it, we may come to your class. Contact the Instructional Media Lab at 545-2823 or to arrange a time to discuss your needs. 

  • We have a limited number of slots each semester. The sooner you make your request, the better (before the semester begins is best).
  • We have limited availability outside standard business hours. We typically need at least three weeks notice to schedule a demonstration (some topics will require more, such as those that require multiple sessions).
  • We typically can only do demonstrations of software or technologies for which we already have workshop materials.
  • We will want to meet with you well before the demonstration. At this consultation, we will discuss your instructional goals and make sure that what we are demonstrating fits with the course or the assignment.
  • If you are not familiar with the technology involved, we will ask you to run through a hands-on introduction with us before we come to your class. In this way, you will be more confident and better able to assist your students with their work. Ideally, you will create an example to show to your class so that you will have first-hand experience with the project.
  • You must be present when we demonstrate the technology to your students. Students inevitably ask questions that have more to do with how the technology relates to the assignment than with the technology itself, and this will ensure that you are familiar with what has been demonstrated to students. 
  • If the demonstration is to become a regular part of your course, it is our goal to help you become self-sufficient and capable of doing the demonstration yourself. If this is the case, we will help you learn what you need to know to take over the demonstration in future semesters.