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Hannah's Ride Rules of the Road

  • All riders must wear a helmet.
  • Never wear headphones/earbuds while riding.  Put them back on/in when you finish.
  • Set a good example for other cyclists and road users: be safe and courteous.
  • The use of foul language, aggressive/dangerous riding, and/or discourtesy to other participants, observers, Event staff or University staff is not allowed.
  • Bring water, a snack, and tire repair items with you.  (If you don’t know how to repair a tire, let us know! We may be able to teach you.)
  • When you ride your bike in traffic, you have the same rights and responsibilities as the driver of an automobile.
  • Ride on the right, with traffic, a couple of feet from the edge.
  • Ride in a straight line, don’t weave. Always look before turning or moving out of line.

When passing another rider:

  • Look back to be sure it is clear.
  • Signal your intentions to those behind you.  
  • When passing another cyclist, yell “ON YOUR LEFT”
  • If you hear someone calling out “On your left”, do not turn around!  Hold steady and ride straight.
  • Point out hazards to your fellow cyclists following you by pointing.
  • Keep clear of road-edge hazards such as trash, drains, broken glass, sand and parked vehicles.
  • Talk to your fellow cyclists. Let them know clearly, “CAR BACK”, “PASSING ON YOUR LEFT”, or “STOPPING”.
  • When stopping to rest, get off the pavement and well off the road.
  • Ride friendly and defensively.

Dealing with other road users:

  • Try to make eye contact with drivers at stop signs or before turning.
  • Warn automobile traffic when stopping or turning by giving appropriate hand signals.
  • Don’t draft behind motor vehicles.
  • When preparing a lane change or turn, look out for cars or other bicycles approaching.
  • Look left and right for traffic at stop signs, after stopping completely —
    Please, don’t blindly follow the rider ahead of you into an intersection.