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Introducing Hannah Days a special, virtual multi-activity challenge.  We want to encourage everyone, during Hannah Days, to be as Hannah Frilot was during her short life; reaching out with a hand of friendship to everyone, and helping those in need always.

Join us as we ride once again to honor and share the memory of Hannah Frilot, from the safety of wherever you can ride!  This year, we are expanding the activities of participation to include most means of self-transportation, your activity.  You can participate with anything that will take you from point A to point B that is self-propelled.  Whether it is a stationary bike (exclusion of point B) or going out for walks or rides in your own neck of the woods, we invite you take part in this special virtual fundraising event for the Hannah Frilot Memorial Scholarship.

Unlike last year, our event is not limited to just one day! Participants will be able to ride, run, and walk, etc. at their convenience.  Because this event is virtual, we expect to see participation of the UMass Amherst family and friends from all over the world, or at least from Massachusetts to California.

How to participate:

1. Register with us using the Registration link on this page.
2. Create your FREE account at
3. Join the Friends of Hannah Club on
4. Install the Strava app on your smartphone.
5. Find friends and family to sponsor you per mile. Ask them to join you for
this important cause.
6. Start tracking your Activity in the Strava app. 
Be sure to take photos during your Activity to post on Strava.
7. Tell your friends and family how much fun you are having raising money for a worthy cause. Show them this page!
8. CHALLENGE all those you have an influence with and tag with #hannahdayschallenge
7. When your Activity is complete, ask your sponsors to submit their pledged donations to the Hannah Frilot Memorial Scholarship at UMass Amherst. 

We are using the sport-training app, Strava, to help make this special event a reality.  If you already use another tracking app, please continue to if you like, but you will want to post your mileage for your sponsors, maybe on Facebook or other social media.  By joining the Strava Friends of Hannah Club, your Activity Tracking will be automatically visible to all of us.  You will be able to track the progress of others, challenge them to distances, routes, or raising more in pledges.

Officially Strava lets athletes track their performance across many Activities, including bike, run, walk, hike, canoe/kayak, e-bike ride, handcycle, ice skate, rollerblade, roller ski, row, ski, snowboard, snowshoe, paddle board, surf, swim, wheelchair, or windsurf.  Any other activity, you may have to get creative in your tracking.

Have questions?  Please send an email to Team Hannah; we are happy to answer all of them.
Stay tuned for more information, including how you can join the fun, take part in other festivities we're planning, and more!

Please come visit us at the Hannah Frilot Memorial Scholarship Facebook page.
For information on the first-ever Hannah's Ride, visit the 2019 event's official page.