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Information Technology

Technology For Teaching & Learning

UMass Amherst Information Technology's Instructional Innovation group is dedicated to helping instructors incorporate technology into their teaching and research. We can help you explore old and new instructional technologies with a clear focus on meeting your individual teaching goals.



Get Started


Get Started

IT Accounts: Your Passport to Technology Services

Your IT Account NetID and password give you access to most computing services on campus, including the Student Information System (SPIRE), the university’s learning management systems, library resources, free software downloads, internet access, and much more. More...


The UMass Amherst Student Information System (SPIRE)

SPIRE, the UMass Amherst Student Information System, provides self-service for instructors to access class rosters, create class email lists, request learning management system courses, and set up wireless guest accounts. More...


Submit Textbook Adoptions

The campus is committed to using the Course Materials tool as the gateway for entering textbooks in SPIRE. Due when registration opens for the following semester. More...


Take the Instructor's Security Quiz & Access Rosters With Photos

Learn more about the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) and related privacy issues in instructional contexts from the Instructor's Guide to Information Security. For access to class rosters with photos, complete the Instructor's Security Quiz.


Classroom Internet Access

Wired and wireless Internet is available in most campus buildings, including all Registrar-scheduled classrooms. For wired connections, be sure to register your device(s) on the campus network each semester. Use the eduroam wireless network for encrypted wireless access. More...


Protect Personal, Institutional & Research Information

The Information Security Center provides anti-virus software, IT policies, security incident response procedures, and tips for protecting personal and institutional information. More...


Submit Grades

Enter your grades directly in SPIRE or, if you are using Moodle or Blackboard, use our one-click grade upload service to transfer grades to SPIRE to approve at the end of the term. More...


Classroom Technologies

Use Audio & Video in Your Classroom

Auditorium & Classroom Equipment Support provides technical support, equipment delivery, and consultation services for faculty and staff using classrooms and auditoriums on campus. More...


Reserve a Computer Classroom

Our classrooms are equipped with high-end academic software and can be scheduled for class sessions that require student computer use. More...


Record & Deliver Online Lectures with Echo360

Record live classes in a classroom with built-in recording equipment or prepare lectures from your desktop to deliver online and provide students with content reinforcement or a “flipped” classroom experience, where content is delivered outside of class and the classroom becomes a place for active learning. More...


Extend Your Classroom with Video Conferencing

In addition to rooms equipped with video conferencing equipment that can be used to connect classrooms live anywhere in the world, UMass Amherst provides Zoom video conferencing, allowing you to host an online meeting from your own computer or device. More...


Use an Audience Response System (Clickers)

With i>clicker, instructors can engage students, especially during large lectures. When you ask a question, you can see each student’s answer. More...


Classrooms & Learning Spaces

Classroom TechnologiesComputer Classrooms & the Learning Commons

IT maintains Windows and Macintosh classrooms across campus as well as computers in the Learning Commons and Teaching Commons. Instructors can request that additional software be installed on our computers for their courses. New in fall 2016: Instructional Innovation’s Experimental Classroom. For reservations, email

IT Computer Classrooms | The Learning Commons


Teach in Team-based & Active Learning Classrooms

Classrooms that facilitate team-based, case study, and other active learning methods are available on campus. Support and training for these rooms is provided through UMass Amherst IT, and the Institute for Teaching Excellence & Faculty Development (TEFD). Reserve Team-based Learning Classrooms through the Office of the University Registrar.


Assign Multimedia Production & 3D Printing

The Digital Media Lab, located on the 3rd Floor of the W.E.B. Du Bois Library, is a multimedia and 3D print production space designed to support students working on video, audio, animation and 3D modeling. Students can check-out AV equipment and receive individual instruction. More...


Access Assistive Technologies

The Assistive Technologies Center (ATC) offers technology services to any member of the university community with an ADA-defined disability. The ATC works with Disability Services to bring full access for all persons at UMass Amherst. More...


Online Tools & Services

Course Content

Host Learning Activities & Course Content in Moodle or Blackboard

Create secure, interactive course websites in a learning management system.

Moodle is the default Learning Management System for campus-based courses. More about Moodle...

Blackboard Learn is the default Learning Management System for online Continuing and Professional Education classes, the College of Nursing and the Isenberg School of Management. More about Blackboard Learn...


Collaborate Online with Apps at UMass Amherst

Use Apps at UMass Amherst, a customized version of Google’s online collaboration tools, to share files, edit documents, facilitate team-based projects, maintain class calendars, and create course sites with Google Classroom. More...


Store & Share Files in the Cloud

UMass Amherst provides online file storage approved for different types of data. Use Google Drive in Apps at UMass Amherst to store and share materials with students or colleagues. Online storage provided by Box offers unlimited storage and is our most secure solution for data storage. More...


Set Up an Email List, Blog & Online Storage Space for Each Course

Create course accounts in SPIRE to get a dedicated class email list, blog, and online storage space  for each of your courses. More...


Use OWL for Online Homework

Online Web-based Learning (OWL) is a homework tool developed at UMass Amherst that allows students to complete assignments, quizzes, and tests online. More ...


Set up Email, a Blog, or Online Storage for a Course

Create a Course IT Account in SPIRE to get a dedicated blog, Box account and Apps at UMass Amherst account with Gmail for any course you teach. More...


Provide Feedback & Assess Originality of Student Writing with Turnitin

Assess the originality of student work and ensure the proper citation of references by comparing student submissions to online sources and the Turnitin database. Focus on citation and quotation in a positive and constructive manner. Provide feedback through rubrics, drag-and-drop commenting, and audio commenting. More...



Stay Informed & Get Help

Stay Informed

  • Visit Innovate@UMass to find out about new approaches to teaching & learning being undertaken at UMass Amherst, such as team-based learning, video conferencing, collaborative learning, peer review, flipping the classroom, and more.
  • Attend a workshop, Digital Brown Bag lunchtime round-table discussion, or immersive  Innovate@ Symposium.
  • Browse how-to guides from IT’s Support Center.

Instructional Media Lab

Schedule an appointment for one-on-one help with instructional technology or get your questions answered via phone or email.

  • Email
  • Call 413-545-2823 (be sure to leave a message).
  • Stop by A205 LGRC Lowrise, 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., M - F (except holidays).

IT User Services

Your first stop for general computing questions about email, network connectivity, computer hardware and software, and more, contact IT User Services:

  • Fill out an online help request or chat with a consultant from anywhere on the IT websbite.
  • Call 413-545-9400 or from on-campus dial 5-TECH (be sure to leave a message).
  • Email
  • Stop by A109 LGRC Lowrise, 8:30 a.m. - 4:45 p.m., M - F (except holidays).

Other Sources for Help

  • Call Classroom Technology Services (CTS) for assistance with AV equipment in your classroom: 413-545-5765.

  • SPIRE User Support helps with using class rosters, creating class email lists, or submitting grades. Email or see our SPIRE help pages.


More Campus Services for Faculty

Software Discounts

UMass Amherst IT offers free and discounted software, including free anti-virus software, free Microsoft and Adobe software and Windows operating systems. Restrictions apply. More...


Computer Repair & Purchasing

Computer Maintenance & Repair Services provides diagnostic and repair services for computers and peripherals. More...

The U$ave program offers competitive rates on desktops, laptops, and accessories for the campus community. More...


The Institute for Teaching Excellence & Faculty Development (TEFD)

TEFD supports the professional development of faculty with programs and resources focused on teaching, mentoring, scholarly writing, tenure preparation, leadership, and work/life balance. More...


UMass Amherst Libraries

Each department or program on campus has a designated liaison librarian who serves as the first point of contact for library-related services including Information Literacy workshops, Electronic Reserves, and Open Educational materials. More...