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Information Technology

Fall 2021: What's New from IT?

August 24, 2021

UMass Amherst Information Technology (IT) welcomes you to the fall 2021 semester! Here are a few changes and updates to know about.

For more resources, see the Technology Resources for Teaching, Working, Learning & Living homepage.


Login Experience Updates

The login experience for some UMass Amherst services including Moodle and Zoom has been updated to a Microsoft-provided process.

Benefits of this upgrade include a simplified, consistent login experience across services and significant protections against the latest information security threats. Members of the campus community will have a predictable and recognizable way to log in to widely used campus services.

Stay tuned for further updates over the course of the academic year.



Moodle Upgrade: Moodle in the Cloud

Moodle in the Cloud, an upgraded version of Moodle, is available for fall university courses at

The new version of Moodle comes with several enhancements for students and instructors, including:

  • A searchable, sortable list of course participants that is FERPA-compliant and allows students to communicate with others in their class.
  • Optimized forums, including a full grading interface, the ability to send private replies to students, lock discussions, inline posts & replies, and forum summary reports.
  • Ability to “favorite” courses, activity types, and discussions.
  • Friendlier presentation of grading and statistics.
  • And much more...



Secure Online Storage Service Transition Complete - Meet OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is UMass Amherst's preferred online file storage platform. OneDrive is integrated with familiar Microsoft 365 applications (including Word, Powerpoint, Excel) as well as other productivity and collaboration tools like Teams, OneNote, To-Do, and more.

OneDrive and Teams Learning and Support Resources

Any files previously stored in Box (our legacy secure online storage service) have been automatically transfered to OneDrive. More about Box retirement