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UMass IT, in partnership with University Relations, provides a Drupal-based web content management service for units hosting their websites on the domain. This hosting service is available at no cost to campus schools and colleges, academic departments and administrative units.

Drupal Framework Transition

UMass Amherst websites using version 9 or earlier of Drupal, the campus web content management system, must transition to the latest supported version of the UMass Amherst Drupal Framework in 2024. This transition is imperative to mitigate significant cybersecurity risks.

Key points to know:

  • Departments/units with websites using Drupal 9 or earlier will be provided with the new UMass Amherst Drupal Framework which they can utilize to create their new websites. The new framework has been designed to enhance security and maintain consistent branding with the University’s new website ecosystem and top-tier websites. 
  • All UMass Amherst websites using Drupal 9 or earlier should transition to the new Drupal Framework by July 2024. Plan for a minimum of two weeks processing time between requesting a final review of your completed Drupal Framework website and the website’s launch date to allow sufficient time for review, changes, and deployment. 
  • Current websites on Drupal 9 or earlier cannot be automatically upgraded or migrated to the latest versions of Drupal. Website managers will need to rebuild their websites in the new Drupal Framework and manually transfer content. The Drupal Framework includes sample starter pages and built-in content blocks. 
  • An accessibility review will be conducted before launching your new Drupal website. 
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Drupal Transition Resources & Updates

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To report Drupal Framework bugs, make Framework feature requests, or provide general feedback for the Drupal Framework, please complete the:
Drupal Framework Feedback Form


For all other questions, email:





Framework transition action steps to take now: