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Information Technology

Disruption Resilience: Remote Work Resources for UMass Amherst Faculty & Staff

UMass Amherst faculty and staff can use these pages to get more information on university resources specifically geared for remote work. For general technology resources for communication and collaboration, see our Stay Connected: Communication & Collaboration Tools pages

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Universal Access Technologies

This page will be updated as more information becomes available

Zoom Videoconferencing 

Zoom videoconferencing provides high-quality audio, video, and screensharing as well as a host of accessibility features. Zoom is available at no cost to UMass Amherst students, faculty, and staff. Use Zoom to connect with your colleagues remotely, engage with students, and even administer an exam. 

To get up and running with Zoom, see the documents and videos below:

University Telephones: Online Voicemail Access

Use one of the two ways described below to access your university voicemail box while working remotely.

Web PhoneManager allows you to manage your university voicemail messages, mailbox recordings, and mailbox settings over the Internet.

  1. Go to and log in with your voicemail box number (normally the last 5 digits of your university phone number, e.g., 5-xxxx) and security code.
  2. For more information, see the Web Phone Manager user guide (pdf).

Access Your Voicemail from an Off-Campus Phone

  1. Dial 413-545-1000
  2. From the University Main Voicemail Greeting, Press # and log in with your voicemail box number (normally the last 5 digits of your university phone number, e.g., 5-xxxx) and your security code.

Tip: You can record an out-of-office greeting for your voicemail box to provide any special instructions to your callers about your contact preferences and response time expectations. Recording intructions

Call Forwarding

You can use call forwarding options to automatically route your calls to voicemail or an external phone number. 

Follow-me directly to voicemail (does not ring campus phone first)

  • To activate from your campus phone, dial: * 2 * 51000 #
  • To deactivate from your campus phone, dial # 2 #

External call forward to another off-campus phone number

  • To activate from your campus phone, * 2 3 #, 9, local number, #
  • To deactivate from your campus phone, press # 2 3 #, listen for normal dial tone, place handset down.

If you are unable to perform the desired call forwarding from your campus phone, your voicemail box will still pick-up after the standard 4 rings. You may also submit an IT help request online or email to have any of these features activated for you. Please include the campus phone number and whether you would like forwarding directly to voicemail or a 10-digit external number. More information about call forwarding