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Information Technology

Stay Connected: Communication & Collaboration Tools

UMass Amherst students, faculty, and staff have access to a wide range of tools that facilitate teaching, learning, and collaboration from anywhere. This page includes use cases and solutions for communication & collaboration. Disruption Resilience & Information Technologies home page | Universal Access Technologies


Hold Remote Classes, Meetings & Conferences

Video and call conferences are easy to organize! Create dynamic connected meetings with your colleagues via webcam, room system, mobile app, or dialing in by phone.


Use Zoom for:

  • When high quality audio and video are a top priority.
  • Enhanced usability for all through accessibility features.

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Zoom support & how-to:

To get up and running with Zoom, see the documents and videos below:


Store, Share Materials & Collaborate

Stay connected to your files no matter where you are in the world. The following tools allow you to share your files directly with your coworkers, with permission settings, access auditing, and integrations with other productivity tools. Learn more about information management and storage requirements for different types of data


Use Box for securely backing up, storing, or sharing files (unlimited storage, 15GB file size limit).
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Box support & how-to:

Google Drive

Use Google Drive for easy online collaboration and file storage (unlimited storage, 5TB file size limit).
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Google Drive support & how-to:

Microsoft OneDrive

Use OneDrive for easy online file storage, integration with Office 365 applications and tools (storage up to 1TB).
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OneDrive support & how-to:


Communicate with Teams & Peers

The following tools make it easy to communicate with colleagues in real time while you are separated by distance, whether you are an office or a continent away.

Microsoft Teams

Use Microsoft Teams for group/team chat and communication integrated with Office 365 applications and tools.
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Microsoft Teams support & how-to: