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Give Permission to Another Instructor to Copy Your Moodle Course

UMass Amherst considers the course content you have created to be your intellectual property.1 If you wish to share your content with another instructor, please use this form to authorize UMass Amherst IT to grant access to your content.


When you give permission, you should clearly communicate with your colleague the specific rights you are granting them--ideally in writing, such as an email. You should also be clear about what content in the course is not yours, and if you have received permission to use it, or if you are relying on fair use (see examples below).



Upon submission of this form, you and the instructor you designate will receive a confirmation email. UMass Amherst IT will provide the instructor with read-only access to your course. The instructor will then have the ability to import a complete copy of the course structure and content into a derivative Moodle course that they will have the ability to modify to the full technical extent provided by Moodle. UMass Amherst IT is not responsible for enforcing any specific agreements between you and the other instructor.

(e.g., CRYPTO101 SEC01)
(e.g., FA15)

Examples of rights you can assign and how to describe them in your communications:

  • No limits: “You have permission to use my materials on an ongoing basis, alter them, and share them with whomever you like.”

  • For a limited time: “You have permission to use my course materials only for the semesters when I am away on sabbatical.”

  • Non transferable: “I am giving you permission to reuse my materials, but please do not share them with other instructors or use them at another institution.”

  • No alterations: “You have permission to use my materials, but please use them as is and without making substantial changes to the content.”

  • Citation: “You have permission to use my materials, but please credit me as the author.”

  • Other creators' materials used with permission: “The following items I am using with permission of the creator. Please contact them if you wish to use these materials in your course.”

  • Other creators' materials used under fair use: “The following items I am using under fair use, but I cannot assess whether they would be fair use for you.”


UMass Amherst Intellectual Property and Copyright Materials

1UMass Amherst Intellectual Property Policy

UMass Amherst IT Materials on Copyright and Fair Use


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