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Information Technology

W.E.B. Du Bois Library 720 Experimental Classroom (7th Floor)

A key feature of 720 Experimental Classroom, designed for a smaller class of 27 or fewer, is the specialized furniture. All chairs and tables are movable and can be reconfigured. The room features Promethean TVs, and a lecture-capture system (Echo360) has also been installed in the room. The room includes an iPad cart with 16 iPads, laptop cart with 27 Lenovo laptops for student use.

Room Highlights:

  • Computers Available:
    • 27 Lenovo laptops
    • Windows instructor station 
  • Additional Equipment:
    • 16 iPads
    • 3 Promethean ActivPanel 
    • Echo360
    • Solstice Pod
    • Cisco Webex Room Kit
  • Computer Classroom Software Available




If you need more information about teaching in an IT Computer Classroom, send an email to To reserve an IT Computer Classroom, submit a request via CAPS or 25Live