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Box Retirement - Before the Transition

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IT Service Transition: Box Retirement homepage

What should I do to get ready for the move away from Box?

Explore UMass Amherst’s other online storage offerings (Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive), and choose one for moving your Box files. UMass Amherst's preferred platform is Microsoft OneDrive. See information about Google Drive below. 

  1. Delete or transfer ownership of Box files you no longer need.
    • Use Content Filters to identify which Box files and folders you are the owner of. See instructions below.
    •  Delete or transfer ownership (for instance if others still need the file) of files you no longer need.
    • For files that are shared with you which you no longer need, end collaboration.

      Note: Your department may have specific requirements about retaining institutional data. Check with your supervisor and refer to the University Data Retention Policy for more information. See the University Data Retention Policy for more information.

      Use extreme caution if you decide to delete Box content. Once deleted, files and folders cannot be restored. This is especially important if you are not the file owner.
  2. Follow our Before the Move Computer Configuration Checklist to temporarily turn off OneDrive sync. 
  3. Rename files or folders to avoid names that contain special characters (e.g., " * : < > ? / \ |).
    These characters will be replaced with underscores during the move to OneDrive. File naming in OneDrive 


I prefer Google Drive. What do I need to know?

As you prepare for the transition from Box, you may consider Google Drive as a repository for your Box files. Before making a final decision, please be aware of the following: 

  • This February, Google announced the transition to Google Workspace for Education and a new storage policy. Starting in July 2022, Google will implement a new storage model, which likely will involve a more restrictive storage limit for individual Google accounts. UMass Amherst Information Technology (IT) is evaluating how to best position the new Workspace service for the campus community. 
  • If you store a substantial amount of data in Box or already have large files across your UMass Amherst Google services (e.g., Drive, Photos, Gmail), we strongly recommend that you choose Microsoft OneDrive over Google Drive for your Box files. This will reduce the possibility of another transition in 2022 when Google Drive may no longer meet your online storage needs.  
  • Check the classification and compliance requirements for the university data you store in Box. Before transferring your Box files:
    1. Microsoft OneDrive is recommended for data with research, administrative, contractual, regulatory, and legal compliance requirements. Google Workspace for Education is approved for student data.
    2. If you have questions, please email to coordinate a risk assessment and determine whether Google Drive is the appropriate storage solution for your data. 
  • There is currently no automated file transfer from Box to Google Drive. Learn more about moving your Box files to Google Drive

Can I move my files to another storage platform early?

You can download and upload files on your own to experiment with the other online storage options. We do not recommend manually transferring your files to a new online storage service yourself before the Box retirement. This will create duplicates during the automatic transfer process. 




Use Content Filters to Identify Which Files You Own

  1. In the search bar, click the Search Options icon.
  2. On the Content Filters tab, in the Owners field, enter your email address, then click Search.
    Box will display only the files and folders for which you are the owner.
  3. Review the search results, and delete or transfer ownership of files you no longer need to someone else (for instance if others still need the file).