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Box Retirement - Before the Transition

IT Service Transition: Box Retirement homepage

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What should I do to get ready for the Box retirement?

  1. Explore UMass Amherst’s other online storage offerings (Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive), and choose one for moving your Box files.
  2. Delete files you no longer need, or transfer ownership (for instance, if you are a file owner, but others are still using it).
    Note: Your department may have specific requirements about retaining institutional data. Check with your supervisor and refer to the University Data Retention Policy for more information. See the University Data Retention Policy for more information.
  3. Check our IT Service Transition: Secure Online Storage (Box) Retirement page. Updates and support resources will be posted as they become available.


Can I move my files to another storage platform early?

You can download and upload files on your own to experiment with the other online storage options. We do not recommend manually transferring your files to a new online storage service yourself before the Box retirement. This will create duplicates during the automatic transfer process.