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Information Technology

Before you go

Information for students leaving UMass Amherst

UMass Amherst graduates and students who leave the university in good standing have no-cost access to:

  • Most IT services for 6 months after end of last class
  • University email for one year after end of last class

Special extensions
Account services are automatically extended for members of the Armed Forces who were active students or employees at the time of their deployment. The extension is only valid for the duration of these individuals' active duty.

Whether you're graduating or simply taking the next semester off, we recommend taking these actions to get ready for leaving campus. 
Additional recommendations for international students
and others traveling abroad

Save your files - download a copy!

Do you have personal photos, files, or work in UMass Amherst Google Drive or OneDrive?
Download a copy so you don't lose anything when your account expires.

This includes Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and online versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. More information and other things to consider downloading

icons representing downloading files and messages
icons representing accounts and settings

Keep your accounts - switch to personal email!

Have you used your UMass Amherst email address to sign up for any non - UMass services (social media, online shopping, banking, etc.)?

Edit your accounts with those services and switch to a personal email address to avoid losing access when your university email is deactivated.

Save information - download important emails!

Are there important messages or information saved in your UMass Amherst email account?
Hold onto important messages by exporting a copy.

icons representing important messages



Other recommended actions

Get a transcript

Use SPIRE to get a copy of your transcript before leaving the university.

Update your mailing address and contact information

Update your physical mailing address and contact info in SPIRE, which the university will use for future communications, including your Diploma.  

Watch for your new SPIRE login info

In the 6 months after you leave the university, we’ll send your new SPIRE login information to your university email address. Save this to access SPIRE after your account is deactivated.



Additional recommendations for international students and others traveling abroad

Access your account securely even if you lose phone service - set up Microsoft Authenticator

Adding app-based authentication prevents issues accessing your account in areas where your current phone number doesn't work - and improves security.

Set up University VPN Service

Individuals traveling to areas where access to services including Microsoft or Google may be blocked should configure the university Virtual Private Network (VPN) service before leaving.