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iClicker - Audience Response System

The iClicker audience response system is a polling system that uses a handheld remote (clicker) to collect student responses to questions posed by the instructor. Student data is recorded and then displayed on a results graph via software on the instructor’s computer.

iClicker logo, text with a right pointing blue triangleiClicker is an audience response system that may be used as a simple tool to provide instant, anonymous feedback, or as a tool to promote active learning in the classroom and give students credit for class participation and/or performance.

 iClicker is the centrally supported audience response system on the UMass Amherst campus. 

Mobile Audience Response at UMass Amherst

At this time, the best solution for classroom audience response is the iClicker Classic software, the iClicker base station, and the iClicker 2 handheld student remote

Starting in Fall 2017, students who purchase an iClicker model 2 will receive a 5-year subscription to the REEF polling app. Going forward, this should position us to have a tested, reliable mobile polling option in place for students and instructors after we complete our pilot of iClicker Cloud/REEF, and we continue to make improvements to our classroom WiFi infrastructure. (Note: students who purchase an iClicker 2 with 5-year REEF access starting Fall 2017 should create and register their REEF accounts right away.)

We are asking instructors not to use REEF and other mobile polling apps (e.g.,TopHat) for most on-campus courses. Currently, there are only a few buildings and classrooms that have the wireless network capacity to support the performance that instructors and students need for high-stakes mobile polling.

If you are a student, your instructor will let you know if your classroom can support mobile polling, and your course is using REEF. For instructions on how to create a REEF account and how to redeem the subscription access code bundled with your iClicker 2 remote, go to Create Your iClicker REEF Account and Redeem Your Access Code.

For more information or questions about using iClicker, please contact the Instructional Media Lab (413-545-2823 or

iClicker for Instructors

Screenshot of iClicker BaseScreenshot of iClicker Instructor RemoteWe provide all instructors who choose to utilize iClicker with a receiver (see image at right), software, and an instructor remote at no cost. 

IT will also be installing receivers in the classrooms where clickers are often used. Please let us know what classroom you will be teaching in each semester.

If you want to use iClicker in your course, please follow these steps: Before You Begin Using iClicker.

For steps to take prior to using iClicker in your classroom (even if you have used iClicker previously), please see Prepare to Use iClicker.

Students will register their clickers in a dedicated iClicker block that you will need to add to your Moodle course. For instructions on how to add the iClicker block to a Moodle course, please see Add an iClicker Block in Moodle.

Please see our blog for Best Practices and News.

IT/Instructional Innovation provides instructors with workshops and one-on-one consultations on the use of iClicker. Schedule a consultation by contacting the Instructional Media Lab (413-545-2823 or email

iClicker for Students

Screenshot of iClicker Student RemoteUMass Amherst has been using the iClicker audience response system since 2011. Check the “Class Overview/Textbook” page for you course(s) in SPIRE to see if your instructor(s) will be requiring iClicker.

Be sure to purchase the correct clicker. The UMass Amherst campus is only supporting the iClicker model 2, which has an LCD panel (see image on the right), and is available through the eCampus online store (instructors will provide the link to the store in SPIRE).

Register Your Remote

To register your iClicker remote in Moodle, please go to Register Your iClicker Remote in Moodle.
Note: To receive credit for your participation, make sure to register your iClicker remote only in Moodle, not at the iClicker Web site.

iClicker REEF Polling App

For Fall 2017, UMass Amherst is conducting a pilot for REEF, iClicker's mobile polling app for students. Your instructor will let you know if your class is participating. For instructions on how to create a REEF account and how to redeem the subscription access code bundled with your iClicker 2 remote, go to Create Your iClicker REEF Account and Redeem Your Access Code.

Lost and Found Remote?

If you have lost an iClicker remote or can report a found one, contact us